Guyed cross-rope suspension tower



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Guyed cross-rope suspension tower

–With its simple design, this tower is easy to assemble. It’s used on some sections of power lines leaving the La Grande complex and supports 735-kV conductors. This type of structure requires less galvanized steel than the guyed-V tower, making it lighter and less costly.

guyed cross-rope suspension tower——construction and operation of a guyed suspension tower used in extra high-voltage (EHV) transmission lines

as different from square-based rigid latticed towers, Guyed-Vs, H-frames and the rest as a jet plane is from a propeller-driven one, or as an aluminum overhead conductor is from a copper one

The CRS structural concept has been utilized in difficult and remote areas and across valleys in North America and, as a tower system, in long transmission systems in Canada, South Africa and Argentina. guyed cross-rope suspension tower_A compact variation of the CRS tower has been used in Europe, taking advantage of its low visual impact, narrow Right of Way and marginally improved electricand magnetic field characteristics. In spite of such strong credentials, including its all-important low impact on the environment and very low cost to strength benefits, designers, utilities and the public are still reluctant or hesitant, or simply decline, to consider the CRS tower in new or existing projects.


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Standard OHASA 18001,GB/T 19001,ISO9001,GB/T 24001,ISO14001,GB/T28001,OHASA18001

Transmission tower is the main product of our factory.  guyed cross-rope suspension tower is a kind of transmission tower. Now it owns 16 processing angle steel CNC processing and production lines, 9 plate CNC punching production lines, and 4 gantry-type mobile CNC drilling machines. Its sophisticated microcomputer lofting system takes the lead in China. Our factory has a stable team composed of experienced engineering technicians, production technicians and operators. More importantly, it boosts a complete quality control and tracking system that has been implemented for years and enbled us to be highly accepted by customers.

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